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I will talk about the introduction of air-floating centering valve seat boring machine for valve equipment.

I will talk about the introduction of air-floating centering valve seat boring machine for valve equipment.

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   The air-floating centering valve seat of the valve device adopts the leading air-floating principle and skill, which can make the spindle box and the large-sized carriage move forward, backward, left and right in the air-floating state, leading the spherical air floatation. The skill can make the machine tool spindle move in the range of 5MM and swing freely in the range of +5 degrees to -5 degrees. It can quickly and conveniently complete the active centering with the catheter hole as the reference. The swing type special clip can be at +50 degrees~ -45 degree space to adjust the viewpoint to adapt to the satisfaction and processing of different types of cylinder heads, especially the "multi-valve" type cylinder heads, and complete the one-time loading of the workpiece The vacuum clamping makes it possible to carry out the porous continuous processing, because the machine tool itself has the tool positioning device, which ensures that the shape, diameter, depth of cut and width of the sealing surface of each valve seat after cutting can be completely consistent, and then ensure The width, shape, diameter and depth of cut of the sealing surface of each valve seat after cutting can make the processed valve seat cone surface completely meet the original factory specifications without grinding. It can also sharpen the tool on the sharpener equipped by the machine tool, and use the pneumatic system to perform vacuum detection on the machined parts, etc., which achieves “multiple use of one machine”, which not only fundamentally reduces the user’s purchase cost, but also Further progress has achieved the inseparable impact on the economic efficiency of the society by completing the processing precision, the machine's operating efficiency and extending its service life, the best combination of production efficiency and customer profitability.

     Like: T8590A valve seat boring machine: This machine is mainly used for valve seat repair, equipped with various fixtures, can process all kinds of view valve seat holes, equipped with boring, can be boring, drilling, reaming Valve guide seat hole or reaming valve guide hole.


     Structural features:

  1. Select the air-floating workbench to quickly center the workpiece and the spindle.

  2. The feeding mechanism is divided into coarse and precise feeding, which improves the working efficiency and processing progress.

  3. The vertical rectangular guide rail is selected to improve the rigidity of the machine tool. The machining accuracy of the different aperture valve seat is ensured.

  4, equipped with vacuum test equipment, can quickly detect the processing accuracy.

     Like: T8590 valve seat trampoline price commodity features:

  1. The machine adopts the air-floating workbench, and the active centering ensures the concentricity of the valve seat and the valve guide.

  2. Select the composite tool to make the valve seat chamfer, working angle and lower chamfer one time. The tool types are: 45°, 55°, 60°, 90°.

  3. The worktable that can be turned over can process any view valve seat.

  4. The selection of frequency conversion speed control equipment can make the spindle rotation speed have a larger change range, can process the valve seat of various raw materials, and can ensure the smoothness of the processed surface.

  5. Precision digital display equipment is used for spindle feed, which makes the working valve seat working surface height uniform.

  6. The complete positioning mandrel of the variety, a total of 35, ranging from 5.0 to 12.0mm. Each mandrel has a minimum of -0.01mm and a maximum of 0.03mm, which can be used in a variety of situations within the repair specifications.

  7. The processing seat range is: ¢20~¢90. The cylinder head is 1200*300mm long and wide.

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